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"I wanted to thank you for the support we have received from you and your company over the last four years. 

I would be excited to recommend you to any other business that would require your services.  Our program has been able to continue to be successful because of the benefits you provide.  I look forward to working with Global Touch Marketing for many more years and I feel we will continue to be successful because of our decision to do so."

Global Touch Marketing

Global Touch Marketing was founded on the belief that every student should have the chance to see the world.

  Over the past nine years, our staff has helped more than 30,000 students experience other countries. As a result, these students gained unforgettable memories, more confidence and an appreciation for other cultures. We love celebrating those victories with our students and want to help even more to have the same opportunity.


Educational Outreach Resource
  • Foreign Exchange Student Programs
  • Host Family Programs
  • Spanish Language Immersion Programs