Educational Outreach Resource

Global Touch Marketing

Talking Points

  • Have you ever hosted before? Have you ever thought about hosting?
  • I’m with _____ and we are a non-profit organization.
  • I’m a local rep here in _ (your city) (what high school district do you live in?)
  • We have students from over ____ different countries.
  • The students are high schoolers ranging from ages 14-17.
  • The students come fully insured and with their own spending money. (They are responsible for school lunches, toiletries, and clothing that they need. If you go out to dinner, they will pay for themselves, etc.)
  • Their parents are required to send them a monthly allowance.
  • They all speak English and are required to pass a test.
  • They are all really good students who get A’s and B’s.
  • You would need to provide their own bed and an extra place for them at meal time.
  • They are allowed to share a room, as long as it with a child of the same gender and within 4 years of age of the student. (Do you have an extra bed?)
  • We are looking for all types of households and having children in the home is not a requirement. (Do you have kids?)
  • As the local rep, I work with everyone to make sure we match the right student with the right family. What are some of your interests/hobbies? (Music, sports, pets, cooking) any interest in a particular country?

 Please keep in mind that this worksheet is generic, so all may not apply to your organization. If unsure, please ask your manager.