Your campaign will start and stop at its scheduled time automatically.
It will stop either at the scheduled stop time or when it reaches 6,000 dials, whichever comes first.
For example, the dialer dials about 2,800 numbers per hour. If you request a campaign to run from 6-8pm, it will stop around 7:45-8:00.
(If you want it to run the full 2 hour, please type “run till stop time” in the comment box of the order form. Typically, a campaign dials 6,000 phone numbers and lasts an hour and 45 mins.)

 During the campaign, when a prospective host family picks up their phone, they will hear a recorded message. This message tells them about the foreign exchange program and if they would like to hear more about the program “please press one.”
If they press 1, your phone will ring and you will be connected to the person.

 Please, keep in mind you are calling them. They are not calling you. It feels like they are calling you because your phone just rang, but they're not.
With this being said, you do not want to answer the phone “hello” or “may I help you?” This will really confuse your listener, and they won't know what to say.

 A great way to answer the phone is:
“Hi this is ______ with _________, would you like more information on hosting?”
If you have a long opening line, it can irritate people if they are in a hurry.

 During your conversation, the dialer stops and will not start dialing again until you hang up your phone. This allows you to as much time as you need to talk to the interested person.

 There are 3 main ways to miss calls during your campaign:

1. If you make a call.

2. If someone calls you during a campaign from an outside line.

3. If you pick up the phone to check your voice mail.

If you do any of these 3 things, the dialer does not recognize that you are on the phone, and will continue to dial. You will lose leads.

 Although it is rare, it is possible the dialer will send you a second call while you are speaking with someone. This happens because the dialer uses over 40 phone lines simultaneously.
When someone presses 1 it stops dialing, however it will finish out the remaining phone lines already in progress. If one of the remaining lines presses 1, it's forced to send that second call. Don't worry about answering the second call and allow it to go to voice mail. If you answer your call waiting, it will confuse the dialer and you will miss leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Touch Marketing

How a Campaign Runs

 If they do not leave a message, and you do not have caller ID, email us at
We will send you the phone number that was missed.

Educational Outreach Resource
  • If someone says “I’m on the Do Not Call List”

Keep in mind, people who want to be put on the DNC will still press 1, although the message directs them to select 3.
They just want to tell someone that they don’t want to be called again or ask why they were called in the first place.
The best response is:
“We are a Non-Profit organization and we are exempt from the Do Not Call List. However, I can put you on our Company’s Do Not Call list and we’ll never call you again. I’ll do that right now.”

 Please, keep in mind everyone who presses 1 is automatically put on our Do Not Call list. They will never be called again.
Saying you will personally put them on the DNC list satisfies the listener and allows you to get off the phone quickly.

 The two most important things to tell people:
"We are a Non-Profit organization."
"We are exempt from the Do Not Call list."

  • If someone says “How did you get my number?” or “Who sold you my information?”

The best response is: “We randomly call every phone number in the area from the white pages; however I can put you on Our Company Do Not Call list and we’ll never call you again. I’ll do that right now.”

  • If someone says: "What is your phone number?"

Never give out your personal phone number or Global Touch Marketing’s phone number.
If they ask for your number, by law you need to give them a phone number. Give them your company’s toll free number. Please, have that close by.

  •  If someone says: "I want to speak to your supervisor."

Let them know that you will call them back after your campaign is over.
Email or call Rob at Global Touch Marketing, informing of the situation and he will call them back.
Please, never give out Global Touch Marketing's phone number.

  •  What can I do to secure more leads?

 1.) Once you have someone on the line wanting more information, take your time getting to know them. Spending 10-15 minutes with a good candidate is common.
                  The reps with the most success take a more personal approach rather than professional approach

How they accomplish this:
• They talk about the students that they have hosted or the positive experiences of others vs. details of how the program works.
• They talk about things they have in common (such as people & places they know)
• They talk about the school (principals, teachers, programs)


If you need more help on what to say to respondents, Click Here

2.) Try not to overwhelm them with details on the first call. Your goal is to get the respondent excited about the program.
If you can, set up an appointment for a home visit before getting off the phone.
A good way of doing this is to say
“I’d like to give you some literature for you and your family. Can I come by your house this week to drop it off?”

3.) Unless instructed to call back at a specific time, call all leads every 2-3 days. Even when they are interested in hosting, by nature most people won’t call you back.
If you have tried to call the person back numerous times, it doesn’t mean they are avoiding you. Some people are extremely active and hard to get a hold of, especially families who want to host.

                               We have heard of many successful placements by representatives who made 5-10 return calls, just for the second contact.

                                                                                                   Don’t give up!